Why Palette

Why Palette
for Kubernetes
at scale

If your business uses Kubernetes, you’ll know it’s only going in one direction. More clusters. In more locations. For more workloads and distributions. The future is all about scale.
Here’s how we help you get ready.

"Our analysis revealed that Palette reduces time, effort, and cost across the entire Kubernetes lifecycle"

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“Palette is a highly capable tool that I could recommend to anyone looking to manage their K8s infrastructure”
Platform Engineer

Always-on, declarative management with self-healing for both infra and apps

Other platforms ‘fire and forget’ configurations that only cover the K8s infra and declarative deploy only for Day 1.

But our always-on automation means you define reusable stacks from top to bottom using Cluster Profiles, and we continuously keep them in line, with reconciliation checks every 2 minutes and self-healing throughout their lifecycle. It’s declarative management on steroids.

Scale to thousands of clusters with a next-gen decentralized architecture

Other platforms can give you a single pane of glass to manage K8s across multiple environments.

But only our unique scalable architecture unlocks full-stack K8s without dealing with management servers or risking performance, due to decentralized, at-cluster policy enforcement.

Tame the open source chaos with confidence

Other platforms can give you access to open-source innovation via marketplaces.

But only Palette allows you to choose freely from best-of-breed components when building your stacks, without worrying about interoperability. We pre-validate and pre-test hundreds of open-source and commercial packs for compatibility before you deploy, so you don’t have to.

Expand easily to bare metal and edge locations and treat them just like the cloud

Other platforms support bare metal but force you to manage the OS separately, meaning more work and more risk.

But with Palette’s Real Metal architecture your bare-metal servers’ OS becomes just another layer being managed by Palette, with all the comprehensive Day 0–2 features that come with it.

And when it comes to edge locations, where other platforms struggle or require more hardware, our unique plug-n-play, low-touch approach means all you need to do is power on and connect to the Internet your bare metal server and enjoy risk-free rolling upgrades, even with single-box configurations, with VM and container support.

Complete control for new and existing environments

Other platforms leave you to bolt on important capabilities like backup and security scanning that make Kubernetes fit for enterprise use.

Only Palette provides the controls you need, out of the box, including complete visibility into usage and cost, plus granular RBAC and zero-trust security, so you can provide access to exactly what your devs need, today and tomorrow. And because we know you’re not starting from scratch, we make it easy to get visibility of your existing clusters within Palette, and migrate at your own pace, no pressure.

Flexibility that works for you

Palette is Kubernetes management, your way:

  • Priced your way — PAYG or annual, with free tier and tiered service levels.
  • Delivered your way — with multitenant and dedicated SaaS, self-hosted and air-gapped options.
  • Managed your way — through our intuitive GUI, CLI, or API.

All from a vendor you can trust. Turn to us for 24x7 support and professional services. We’re agile, responsive and here to help.

Want to see Palette in action?

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Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Our Palette management platform gives effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle, across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.
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