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Edge made easy

Edge computing is complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Let us help you manage Kubernetes clusters across thousands of edge locations the same way you manage your cloud workloads: with total simplicity and control.

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Real results for real businesses

90% savings in field operations costs — just one of the benefits GE Healthcare gained from using Palette Edge to manage Kubernetes across thousands of hospitals and other remote sites.

What’s holding back
your edge computing project?

Edge can be challenging, especially when adding the complexity of Kubernetes. With no centralized IaaS-like management, no IT skills on-site and often unreliable connectivity, conventional bare metal approaches just won’t work. Palette Edge has the answer.

Onboard edge devices without the truck roll

Say no to costly field engineer visits to remote sites. Palette Edge makes it easy for non-specialist staff to quickly power up and onboard a new device into a managed cluster, using a variety of methods, including scanning a QR code on the edge device itself. This not only speeds “time to cluster”, but reduces human error and can save 90% or more in field engineering costs.

Get back trust at the edge with tamperproof K8s

Palette Edge now enables operations teams to build highly secure configurations for edge devices, including their preferred Kubernetes distribution and the underlying OS, which once deployed become immutable, “read only”, just like the firmware on a smartphone.

A Kubernetes distribution fit for the edge: PXK-E

Palette extended Kubernetes Edge (PXK-E) is a new CNCF-upstream Kubernetes distribution available now to all Palette customers, which incorporates Palette’s new immutability feature, built on Kairos, along with NIST-800 security hardening. It is certified for more than 50 open source and commercial cloud native integrations, and provides high availability and zero-downtime rolling upgrades even in single-server configurations. 

A birds-eye view to manage at scale

Palette Edge’s Network Operations Center-like (NOC) dashboard provides a highly intuitive user experience with live status for key events, plus advanced capabilities to filter, tag and drill down to clusters by location, status or other attribute. Importantly, operators can define powerful workflows for managing clusters, with almost infinite possibilities: for example, they can phase deployments of cluster updates by location for “canary” testing, or schedule patching to follow the sun.

Infinite scale with distributed policy enforcement

Palette Edge is designed for infinite scale to tens of thousands of locations. All policy enforcement and operations happen locally “at-cluster”, independently of the centralized management plane, meaning no performance impact to the overall architecture.

Zero-downtime rolling upgrades

Perform risk-free and zero-downtime rolling upgrades even on single-server configurations due to Palette’s unique A/B partition failsafe design, with easy rollback.

Maximum hardware and software flexibility

Deploy and manage both VM-based and container-based application and manage the full stack with consistency. We support single and multi-host deployments, plus ARM and Intel hardware, including Intel TPM.

Centralize control without fragility

Palette Edge gives you true centralized management for all your edge nodes, from our hosted SaaS platform. But we’ve engineered for resilience and choice: Palette offers an offline self-managed mode, and Palette continues to operate even when the edge nodes are temporarily disconnected from the internet.

The need for a secure, cost-effective approach to manage Kubernetes at the edge at scale is more relevant than ever before.
Dr. Ken Urquhart
Global Vice-President

A unique architecture

Palette Edge does things differently: from A/B partitions to single/multi-host deployments. It’s all part of our mission to solve Kubernetes complexity, from day 0 to infinity and beyond.

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Palette Edge is proven and award-winning.

Perspectives and insights

Check out our latest research on edge Kubernetes in partnership with industry leaders

The Spectro Cloud difference

When you choose Palette Edge or any other Palette Edition, you benefit from:

  • Expert solution support and professional services
  • Transparent usage-based pricing
  • Enterprise-class SLAs for platform availability
  • Choice of deployment model, from SaaS to airgapped
  • Our commitment to openness and community ethics
  • Trusted certifications: SOC II, ISO 27001, CKSP and more

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Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Our Palette management platform gives effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle, across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.
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