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How Palette compares

There are many Kubernetes management platforms out there. But only Palette was built for production-ready scale.

If you’re looking for a Kubernetes management platform, you’ve come to the right place.

Spectro Cloud Palette is a new breed of Kubernetes management platform, designed to help you manage your clusters: in any environment, at any scale.

Unlike products such as Rancher and Tanzu that you may be familiar with, our platform can scale effortlessly. We give you more choice of where to deploy your clusters, and which software integrations you use to build your stack.

We back it all with the robust security, governance and day 2 operations capabilities that businesses like yours need when you’re running Kubernetes in production.

We compare Palette to other solutions, like Rancher and nothing came close. It’s one thing building a cluster, but quite another managing multiple production clusters on an ongoing basis. That’s where Palette excels.
Vernon Osborne
Solution Architect

No dependency on management servers

Conventional approaches based on management servers bog down when you get to tens or hundreds of clusters. What happens when you get to thousands?

Thousands of clusters with no performance degradation or management overhead.

Requires individual management server configuration dependent on the number of clusters.

Requires individual management cluster configuration for each platform.

Unified multi-cluster, multi-environment management

Are there restrictions about where you can deploy? Do you need to manage each environment or each region separately?

Cluster Profiles support public cloud, cloud managed K8s services, bare metal and virtualized DCs and edge clusters, managed as one.

Manual self-hosting option only for cloud.

No bare metal support.

Full-stack approach

Kubernetes is only 20% of a functioning cluster. How do you manage the other 80%, including the OS

Manage Kubernetes, infrastructure and app integrations consistently and declaratively — including bare metal and edge OS.

No management for add-on layers/integrations, such as service mesh, security, loggint, authentication, etc.

No management for add-on layers/integrations, such as service mesh, security, loggint, authentication, etc.

Self-healing always-on declarative management

Declarative is the future — but what happens after your profiles are built?

Repeatable Cluster Profiles, reconciliation checks and self-healing every 2 minutes across the full stack.

No concept of templates or repeatability. No reconciliation loops to enforce desired state.

Self-healing only for infrastructure layers.

Effortless bare metal and edge

The cost and risk with “Bring-your-own-OS” is just too high. And wouldn’t it be nice if your hundreds of edge locations were managed exactly like in the cloud?

Our full-stack approach takes away the pain of managing servers and operating systems and our edge approach is almost “plug-n-play”, simple as scanning a QR code on your server. Literally.

OS needs to be managed separately for bare metal and edge environments.

No bare metal support, edge is based on infra-heavy virtualized approach.

Comprehensive choice of integrations

What makes up the 80%? Is your tool opinionated, forcing you to use specific stack elements?

Choose from 50+ out-of-the-box integrations, all pre-validated for interoperability, including a range of leading K8s distributions and OSs — all declaratively managed as part of Cluster Profiles. All declaratively managed as part of Cluster Profiles.

Open source approach but no no management awareness of add-on layers/integrations, such as service mesh, security, loggint, authentication, etc. No validation.

Limited choice of integrations.

Extending value to existing clusters with advanced Day 2 ops & zero-downtime migration option.

Because you might not be starting from scratch and if you choose so, you will want to migrate at your own pace.

Deploy add-on layers on top of existing clusters, perform advanced Day 2 ops like cost optimization or deploy Palette Virtual Clusters and when you are ready to convert your clusters, do it with a few clicks with no risk of downtime.

Manual backup/restore process to migrate clusters. Day 2 operations tools require manual install.

Manual backup/restore process to migrate clusters. Only basic Day 2 operations.

Day 2 lifecycle management

Change happens. How does your platform help you manage it?

Upgrades, backup/restore, patching, usage quotas, cost controls and compliance tests, all natively integrated with zero manual work required.

Day 2 tools require manual install.

Limited Day 2 tools (some require additional licensing).

Complete security and governance

It starts with access controls, but security is so much more.

Real zero-trust architecture, granular RBAC, immutable distro, hardened clusters, native security scans.

All-or-nothing” RBAC option, no concept of zero-trust security.

Basic security approach and tools.

24x7 enterprise-grade support

When you’re using K8s in production, support matters. Who picks up the phone?

24x7 with solution support covering your full stack, from the distro, to the OS, to any integration you use.

Partial support for some integrations and tooling.

Partial support for some integrations and tooling.

“Palette will completely transform how you provision and manage your workloads. It has been easy to implement and does what it says on the box. Nothing compares.”

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Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Our Palette management platform gives effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle, across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.
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